Cell Phone Radiation

Does your cell phone case increase your radiation risk?

Dr. Oz talks about the studies saying cell phone radiation is harmful for your body and explains how it can affect you. 

 Dr. James "Butch" Rosser - Investigates cell phone regulations 

Dr. James "Butch Rosser -  Factors that affect cell phone radiation  

with RF Exposure Lab - Jay Moulton

Do cell phone cases protect you from Radiation?

with RF Exposure Lab - Jay Moulton 

Why you shouldn't put your phone in your bra.

Press & News

10 News San Diego Report (2010)

RF Exposure Lab, SAR testing facility in San Marcos, was contacted by 10  News in San Diego. 10 News was doing an investigative report on SAR testing and SAR values due to the proposed legislation in California.